Polyamory! A mini-operetta
by Lia Tamborra and Harry Einhorn

Polyamory! is the story of Christine, a young twenty-something in Brooklyn, and her third date with "Dude," with whom she envisions a bright future. When she learns that he is polyamorous, she asks, "Is that contagious?" Come and find out if she catches it! Polyamory! will be performed at TinyRhino's Musical Edition on November 19th, 2013.

Why Don't I Have a Girlfriend?
Music by: Balint Varga
Lyrics by: Zoltan Papes
English lyrics: Lia Tamborra
Book by: Balint Varga
English adaptation: Lia Tamborra)

"Why Don't I have a Girlfriend?" is a hilarious musical comedy about why guys have a hard time hooking up with girls. It was first performed in Budapest and is currently being adapted for an American audience in 2014. Stay tuned!
Short Youtube promotional link: (Hungarian version)


by Harry Einhorn and Ankita Mishra
September 2012, Brooklyn Lyceum
A disney-esque Bollywood re-imagining of a Sanskrit Epic. Will Shakuntala find her true love?

Ankita Mishra (Shakuntala)
Andrew Forbes (narrator, flute)
Kelly Lehmann (Billy the Horse)
Govind Kumar (Prince)
Irina Zerkin (fish)
Lia Tamborra (Rishi).

Dangersparkle and the Lion
Book and lyrics by Lia Tamborra and Harry Einhorn.
Music by Lia Tamborra, Harry Einhorn, and Balint Varga.

DANGERSPARKLE AND THE LION is the epic, touching, comic, and way-too personal tale of the history of the human race as seen through the eyes of two hapless immortals, fallen from heaven and doomed to reincarnate together until they can figure out just how to get along. Exploring the twisted interconnectedness of life, the causal nature of our actions, the nature of faith, and the power of love that runs through it all, this original and truly unique two-person musical is operatic in scope, universal in theme, and intimate in execution. Weaving together myth, world music, story telling, and good old fashioned musical theater, this theatrical romp spans from the dawn of man to the end of days, with stops in ancient Greece, classical India, medieval Europe, the high seas, modern times, and more along the way. It premiered at the Planet Connections Theater Festivity in 2013, and won several awards. It was most recently performed at the Rubin Museum.

Dangersparkle: Harry Einhorn
Lion: Lia Barcellona Tamborra

Director: Shana Solomon
Music Director: Balint Varga
Percussion: Anthony Di Bartolo
Sound Design: Chris Moscato
Lighting Design: P. Case Aiken III
Stage Manager: Adam Samtur
Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Gallagher
Costume Consultant: Heather Carey
House Managers: Vin Macri, Mario Gullo, Andrew Forbes
Website and Video: Christina Gonzalez
Video/Photos: Sophie Perks, Diana Beshara, David Warner
Image/Graphic Design: Alexander Handler
Fight Choreography: Adam Scott Mazer

ATLANTIS! The Final Hours
Book and Lyrics by Lia Tamborra and Harry Einhorn
Music by Balint Varga, Harry Einhorn and Lia Tamborra

An epic musical exploration of the lost continent's final hours. What happens when an advanced society (despite its giant pyramids, reptilians, foes, and powers of astral projection) gets so caught up in their petty problems they don't notice an impending environmental disaster? A mix of Gilbert and Sullivan, modern minimalism, contemporary and classic music theater, pop, absurdism, ancient lore, and folk songs, Atlantis! was originally performed at the Tada Theater as part of the Emerging Artist Series New Works Festival. The show delighted audiences and is currently being expanded to a full-length production.

King: Rod Singleton
Princess: Sarah Statler
Gypsum Cutter: Luis Mora
Businessman: Samuel Floyd
Little Girl: Lori Lusted
High Priest: Harry Einhorn
Queen Mother: Lia Tamborra